Boulevard Assignment


When I look at Boulevard, the series of six pictures reminds me of a movie, probably set in Los Angeles, late in the afternoon, because the sun is setting. This lady, who is the focus of two of the six pictures seems to be in her late twenties and looks like she is not having much of a conversation with whoever is at the driver’s wheel. She seems contemplative and looks tired. As, I first observed the time seems to be late afternoon, with the sun setting and the sky looks darker in the sixth picture than it does in the first picture.

The artist wants the audience to go on this car ride with this woman, observe her surroundings and journey taking in everything she passes silently by. Almost as if the artist wants us to pay attention to the common details held in a phrase of this woman’s life.  This work is unconventional because unlike in TV or film, there is a visual space between the series of images that the audience has to fill in with imagination.The artist is using digital media as a medium to take us on this car ride with this lady and allows us too see her environment and her reaction to it.

~ by hperera on December 16, 2009.

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